Whales in the Wadden Sea and in the world oceans

Here you will learn all about the Porpoise, the only native whale in the Wadden Sea National Park, and its many relatives in the oceans.

The main attraction is the 17.5 metre-long skeleton of a Sperm Whale which stranded in 1997.

Unique in Germany, the visitor has the chance to not only see the 157 original bones of the skeleton, but also the other half is modelled into the shape of the real whale. This perfectly shows the body of this diving animal.

Impressive sights!

Visitors can have the impression of standing ‘eye to eye’ with the giants of the sea.

Relax in sunbathing area with a view of the huge whale fluke and listen to captivating stories.

In ten themed chambers, learn amazing details about the lives of whales, from birth to death, the dangers they face and the efforts to protect them.